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MARQUE Luxury has established itself as the most trusted name in B2B authenticated pre-owned luxury handbags, small leather goods, accessories, watches, and jewelry. With Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, California, MARQUE Luxury has a presence worldwide with re-commerce hubs in Irvine, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Charlotte alongside international hubs in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and more. MARQUE Luxury promotes sustainability by being part of this circular economy of authenticated pre-owned luxury.

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100% Verified Authentic

Every item sold through our multi-step verification process is vetted and reviewed using industry team experts and technology to back 100% authentic pre-owned luxury items.

Transparent Pricing

Since we work directly with our customers, we can provide a real market value between the buy and sell activity of the items we carry.

Global Access

For a hands-on experience, you can visit any of our Re-commerce hubs all over the world.



We handle everything to ensure the buy and sell experience you provide with your customer is seamless.

Community Resource

Join our community and learn how you can stay ahead and how we can provide you with world-class resources

Global Support

Thanks to our support team, we are dedicated to supporting any questions regarding our product offerings and the resources you may need.

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Developing a team of know-hows inspired by principles of social improvement, environmental protection, ethical values, and cultural development in order to create an inclusive growth model.
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We are at the forefront of making an impact towards a more sustainable future. In a world of consumption, our mission is to extend the life cycle of luxury in giving a positive impact to resale and contribute to the circular economy.